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Your Covid Questions Answered

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for. Hairdressers, pubs, restaurants and cafes are all opening up around the country, Not only that bit travel within and around our island is once again free flowing and encouraged. Here at Vintage Tea Trips we are planning our big reopening for Saturday July 11th. We cannot wait to host you on board with tea and cakes and swap our lockdown stories as we pass through our much loved and missed Dublin city.

We’ve had a few questions about how will we be operating so we thought we’d answer the most frequently asked here.

vintage bus


  1. Will there be social distancing on board?

Yes, we will be adhering to social distancing between each group of guests.

      2. What is the max amount of guests allowed on?

Pre – Covid times we could have a max of 36 guests on board. In order to comply with social distancing the max amount of guests we can have on board now is 18.

      3. Will staff be wearing masks?

Yes, staff will be wearing masks while on board.

      4. Can I book on the day?

No, I’m afraid not. We ask that everyone pre-book online for their afternoon tea trip.

      5. Will you be providing hand sanitiser?

Yes, there will be hand sanitising units as you board the bus and also at the upper deck as you come up the stairs.

       6. In a small space how will social distancing be maintained on board?

There will be social distancing between each group of guests. Also, when we are boarding the bus we will be boarding from front of bus to back and when disembarking we will do it from back of bus to front.

        7. What other things will you be doing to ensure safety of guests?

Increased cleaning and disinfecting of all touch points, work areas etc. We will have visibly clear marked lines outside the bus for social distanced queuing before boarding.

         8. Can we still book the bus privately?

Yes, of course. We are taking booking for communions, confirmations, hen parties, birthday parties, reunions and everything in between. If you have an event that you either had to reschedule or just want an excuse to all get together email

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