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We shared this blog last year and are re-sharing it again because we think it’s so important. Today Thursday 10th October is World Mental Health Day. A day where the world recognises health issues that are not physical but that toil and trouble so many of us daily.

The idea for Vintage Tea Tours came from Karen’s granny, Pauline (of whom one of our buses is named after). She always welcomed everyone into her house for tea, cakes and chats whether you were the postman or the pope. Karen knew that importance and strength of these simple moments which is why she set up Vintage Tea Tours, so anyone could take a step back in time and escape realities.

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I think I speak for everyone when I say nothing beats tea and chats whether at home or on our vintage bus. From discussing last nights antics with your best friend the morning after to planning that road trip you and your friends always wanted to take there’s something soothing and comforting about a warm cup between your hands while sharing stories, planning adventures and laughing.

A harder chat to have though is asking for help. Talking to someone you know and trust about difficult things you may be feeling is so important. Remember you are not alone and it’s ok not to feel ok. We know that tea doesn’t cure mental illnesses but having that initial chat where you let someone in and ask for help is a start, and a cup of tea will help, even just a little. Take it from us, we’re the tea experts and so know all of it’s secret powers.

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