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The Importance of Team Building

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Hands up who’s missing their work colleagues? The gossip over tea at eleven, the odd office prank, the chat about what happened on TV the night before even the smelly microwave lunches – we miss it all!

We know its safer for the majority of people to continue working from home for the foreseeable future but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see your friends or colleagues?

Here at Vintage Tea Trips we would love to have teams on board. We can run exclusive trips with a designated pick up and/or drop off point. You won’t even have to fight as to who will make the tea – we’ll do that for you! We’ve had the likes of LinkedIn, Etsy, Google etc on board before and have had such a blast! Of course, we have implemented new Covid restrictions on board so there’s absolutely no need to worry about anything like that. If you’d like to see what we’ve done check out our video here. For more information email [email protected]

We are a small team that ranges from drivers and hosts to management. As a small and diverse team, we understand the importance of team building and maintaining relationships between colleagues young and old from all aspects of the business. As a post lockdown treat before we reopened, we as a team also did our own team building activity. It was a way to catch up, get together and blow off some steam before diving back into our new way of work.


We booked on with Shane’s Howth Adventures and cycled our way around the Howth peninsula. Anybody who knows Howth knows that it is hills upon hills upon hills. Luckily (very luckily) the tour is all done on e-bikes so not a sweat was broke and not a puff or pant exhaled. Our guide Aileen was fantastic giving us historical facts and stories about this beautiful part of Dublin that we never knew.


We were incredibly lucky to get a magnificent day, the sun shone, there were boats on the water and people swimming on the beaches as we whizzed past. Honestly, it was like we were abroad!  We took in Howth Summit, Bailey lighthouse, Sutton bay, the piers at Howth, Martello Tower Sutton as well as numerous beaches, coves, islands that I couldn’t even keep up with.

The day ended with a beautiful lunch compromised of sandwiches from Minetta Deli, King crisps (especially for Robert), Karen’s infamous carrot cake and of course tea at Karen’s beautiful allotment (believe it or not but we actually ran out of tea!!)

It was a great way to catch up again as a team. I cannot recommend the folks over at Shane’s Howth Adventure enough.







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