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Privacy Policy


Vintage Tea Tours

When you travel with us, we want you to have the experience you’ve been imagining. And, when you’re looking for inspiration and help on planning your next trip, we want to give you the ideas you’re looking for. To help us do this, we need to ask you for a little personal information. But, we know how important it is to keep your personal information safe, and we’ll always be open with you about how we collect and keep it.

We’ll ask you for information such as your name, contact information and your email address. We collect your personal data for three main reasons:

  • When you visit our website, to give you the best possible experience, based on what you want to find out and which device you’re using.
  • So we can contact you successfully, if you get in touch or ask us for information.
  • And, when we’re planning your trip, to ensure that we make the right arrangements for you.

If you’re travelling with us, we’ll ask you to tell us a little more about yourself, such as any dietary requirements and allergies. We only do this so we can plan your trip around any special requirements you might have.