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Ciara in Dublin – Van Gogh Dublin – AN IMMERSIVE JOURNEY

van gogh

A new and incredibly exciting exhibition just landed in Dublin. It is something I’ve never seen before and also something I urge everyone to experience. It is of course the Van Gogh Immersive Journey Exhibition in the RDS.

I had heard about this exhibition as it had travelled around the world and had seen Tik Toks, Instagram Reels and posts on social media. However, this saturation of the social media landscape did not diminish or take away from the overall experience of seeing it and being immersed in it in person.

I say immersed as in the RDS you are brought into a large open square shaped space with a blank walls and floor. You are urged to sit or lie on the floor (there are also chairs for anyone who needs them). Walking around is also encouraged. We chose to sit cross legged in one corner of the room.

a man and a woman taking a selfie

When the show begins it really is truly breathtaking. There are three exhibitions in total with the Van Gogh one sandwiched between two more modern light shows.

The Van Gogh one was indeed the highlight for us. His paintings are brought to life against the backdrop of beautiful classical music that heightens the whole experience. The light projections light up each large wall as well as the floor which really allows you to immerse yourself constantly looking around and taking in all the projections in a spine tingling, wonderful way.

Highlights of the show were of course Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers, his self portraits and, without a doubt our favourite, Starry Night.

a man and a woman taking a selfie

There was a whole range of ages there from babies looking around astounded and in awe, children running around bathed in the light, couples and friends all enjoying a unique afternoon out and older people sat enjoying the lights in a comfortable and relaxed way.

I recommend this to everyone. At under an hour its a fantastic way to spend an afternoon with areas for drawing and colouring once you exit the exhibition space.

– Ciara

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