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Anna in Dublin – Little Museum of Dublin

a sign on the side of a building

Hello, Anna here with my first blog!

Myself and my wonderful colleague Selma headed up to The Little Museum of Dublin on a rainy Saturday morning.  We had no idea what to expect and were cautiously optimistic as we entered the 1776 Georgian house just off St Stephen’s Green. We were immediately won over by the quirky-ness of the building and the friendly-ness of the staff.

Charles Haughey, Garret FitzGerald as pictures on a gallery wall

We arrived a little early for our tour so we were given the opportunity to explore before the tour began. We were amazed by what they managed to fit into such a small space. Every inch of this beautiful building is filled with old photographs or notable relics. I particularly enjoyed looking at the old photographs of the city. Seeing places that we drive past everyday on our little biscuit tin bus and what they looked like before our time.

vintage picture of dublin with buses

As we headed upstairs, we caught the end of the last tour, which was being guided by the wonderful Emma. She was so charismatic and kept us on our feet as she flung us through the decades with song and speech.

a group of people posing for the camera

Everyone was made to feel welcome and involved as we were all asked where we
had travelled from at the beginning of our tour. Once we finished the tour (which
took about half an hour) we got to go upstairs and explore the rest of the
building ourselves.

a close up of a toy car on display

We were surprised to discover an entire room dedicated to the Irish rock band U2 where Selma had fun pretending to drive the prop car and just around the corner, in a room with an historic desk, Selma got to pretend to be big boss Karen, calling the shots.

a person sitting on a chair in front of a desk

We had a great time. Lots of interesting information and instagram-able moments. The whole experience was cozy and quirky and at VTT we can appreciate that. Highly recommend for anyone new to the city who wants a brief overview of Irish history and great for a rainy afternoon!

a fox sitting in sunglasses

– Anna

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