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We’ve been hinting and hinting at so many exciting things that are happening here at Vintage Tea Tours. Well, we are now ready to announce just one of these things. Pauline and Kitty have a new sister! Her name is Molly and she arrived to us healthy and happy a few weeks back.

Molly for us represents a new side of the VTT company. An expansion into new areas while not forgetting what’s at the heart of our company which is that nostalgic feeling and a nod to bygone eras. She seats 72 people and is a double decker Leyland bus.  Like Pauline and Kitty, Molly is a vintage vehicle with the iconic half cab and open back platform. However, unlike her sisters she isn’t an afternoon tea bus. She’s perfect for vintage inspired weddings or large corporate parties that need transport from one spot to another. To enquire about hiring Molly for your event please email

a bus that is parked on the side of a road

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