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Big changes are coming to VTT (stay tuned) and so to take a break from the madness we switched off the engine and swapped our vintage wheels for some electric ones! We donned helmets and high vis vests and along with Hugh from Lazy Bike Tours we cycled out of Temple Bar and started our two-hour journey through Dublin on electric bikes.

a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

a person with a bicycle in front of a building

It was a great way to see Dublin and we were lucky that, albeit a bit nippy the weather was dry and the sun was out (intermittently). The bikes were electric which made the experience all that more enjoyable. We weren’t worried about being so unfit that we couldn’t keep up or that we would be so tired and out of breath that we wouldn’t enjoy it. Instead the extra help allowed us to sit back and truly take in the city.

a bicycle parked on a street

We were treated to great stories and tales about Dublin, it’s streets and of course its inhabitants. Hugh, our guide, is a terrific story teller and kept us captivated the whole time. We would highly recommend this tour if you’re looking to see a lot of Dublin and hear stories you might not get anywhere else.

an orange bicycle parked in front of a tree

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