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Since I live a little bit outside of the city, going into Dublin was always an adventure for me as a kid. The train journey seemed to take HOURS and felt as though we were going on a short little holiday with our packed lunches and clothes for every type of Irish weather.

Since I started working in Dublin city, the magic of it has grown and changed into something a lot simpler and homely than the mystical, far away city I once thought it was. My favourite thing about Dublin is that on every street corner there is something to do or somewhere to go to spend time with friends or family. This city is littered with venues, cafes, pubs, parks and centres to explore and spend your time in.

This would be my ideal chilled day off in the city…

As soon as I hop off the train at Pearse St station on a cold day I make my way to Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge on Stephen Street Lower for the best coffee and hot chocolate in Dublin. It’s a little difficult to find but once you try their drinks, you’ll understand why its so popular and so worth it. They have free wifi, comfy couches, fantastic staff and they open late for when you don’t want to drink but still want to hang out with friends.

I grab my coffee and chat to the lovely staff in Accents while I wait to meet up with my friends. We will then grab a bus or LUAS up to Phoenix Park. Not only is the park so beautiful all year round, it is also full of the friendliest deer you’ll ever meet! The park is 1750 Acres which is massive but when you’re catching up with a friend on a lovely day, it never seems as big of a walk as it actually is.

a herd of cattle standing on top of a lush green field

After all that walking and working up an appetite, it would be rude not to go to my favourite pub in Dublin, the Bernard Shaw. They recently moved to Glasnevin but its only gotten better since moving! It’s the best place for a good pint of whatever you are feeling and some lovely street style food from their food market- EatYard. Most of the vendors in EatYard at the moment are vegan and although I’m not vegan, the food is stellar. They have the best burgers in all of Dublin in a really cool environment.

a store front at night

From the South side to the North side and in between, Dublin is jam packed with so many fun and lovely things to do in Dublin, especially in winter …as long as you have an umbrella and warm coat there are no excuses!

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