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We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered up with ALONE as our Charity partners for 2020. ALONE was the obvious choice when we were deciding about who we’d like to partner with. The work they do to combat loneliness and isolation is something that’s very important to us. We know the power that a cup of tea and a chat can be, we see it on board every day but not every older person is so lucky to have that support they need around them. We’ll be having event days with ALONE in 2020 and we’ve also incorporated a donate button onto our site when booking tickets. More info on ALONE and the incredible work they do can be found here.

Speaking at the launch of ALONE’s Christmas Campaign author Marian Keyes said that “Older people have the most amazing stories to tell”. We couldn’t agree more!

We’ve been so lucky to have the most amazing, smart and funny older people come on board and offer us guidance on life, love and dating advice and share their own stories of Dublin. Some of these stories had us in tears from laughing, had us holding back tears and had us so captivated that we’d gone through the tour with everyone listening to them and hanging on their every word.

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We understand though that not every older person is lucky enough to have have the support they need around them. There are some older people who can go days and days without a visitor. We understand the importance of tea and chats and so it really was a no brainer that ALONE would be our charity partner.

In a survey we did last month over 65% of people strongly agreed that having a cup of tea and a chat made them feel less lonely. While we know that tea does not solve all problems it definitely does help. This time of year can be especially isolating and lonely. We urge you to call into your older neighbours and relatives and have a cuppa and a chat. Half an hour of your time can brighten up their day and we promise the stories they have to tell are some of the best.

We’re so excited for 2020 and are looking forward to having events and days out with ALONE charity.

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