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We’re fond of throwing a party for a product launch as well as hosting recruiters alongside Failte Ireland and we’re always looking to expand our reach globally so when opportunities to involve ourselves in all three of these came about we immediately jumped to it, even if it was all in the one week!

The week began hosting Aimee Connolly’s latest product launch for her makeup brand Sculpted by Aimee. Aimee is a makeup artist turned entrepreneur and is taking the beauty world by storm. Our bus Pauline hosted a group of beauty bloggers and influencers driving them around Dublin while Aimee showed off her new product. Her MUA skills were really put to the test while contouring on a vintage moving bus. We were thrilled to be a part of her big day.

a person standing in front of a bus

Tuesday began with a drive to University Limerick campus where Kitty, our other bus, was hosting members of the UL faculty in a bid for winning international conferences. The campus was stunning in all it’s autumnal glow and the two lunches for the members went spectacularly. It was an honour to be invited down and Kitty definitely made an impact when driving around the campus grounds!

a double decker bus parked on the grass

Wednesday was an early start with a flight over to London to the annual World Travel Market. The world is a huge and richly diverse place so it was no surprise that the scale of this event has to be seen to be believed. The colours and charms of all countries from Korea to Greece, Costa Rica to Iceland and (literally) everything in between was beautiful and as an avid traveller I felt like a kid in a candy shop. It was a great opportunity to meet new contacts and network with leaders in the travel industry. We will definitely be back next year!

a group of people standing in front of a store

It was a crazy, amazing, diverse week at Vintage Tea Trips and all we can say is, thank god for coffee!

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