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Our team is comprised of men and women from all ages, with backgrounds in property, theatre, transport and retail. We are a diverse bunch hailing from all around Ireland with different hobbies and interests. We are each unique in our own way and bring our own spark and flair to the business but there are two real stars of the show without whom none of this would be achievable. Born in the 1960s and having worked for years throughout the streets of London they are of course our two vintage buses; Pauline & Kitty.

a double decker bus parked on the side of a road

Pauline and Kitty are two fully restored Routemaster buses. These front engine double decker buses were designed by and for London Transport. Our two buses are from the 1960s. Pauline from 1961 and Kitty from 1964.

Pauline and Kitty are both named after Karen’s grandmothers as, like us at Vintage Tea Tours, they welcomed everyone into their home for tea and cakes whether you were the postman or the Pope. It was this sense of nostalgia, the door always open, chatting and gossiping over tea that Karen wanted to recreate for everyone who came on board.

a double decker bus driving down a street

Pauline was the first bus to join our fleet. She belonged to David Shephard who was a wildlife artist and who used the bus as his studio. We installed tables and cushioned chairs and transformed her into the bus you see today.

Kitty was next to join our fleet and the same fit out, though with some minor changes, was done to her. Her interior is green leather while Pauline’s is cream and pale blue.

Kitty has vintage style bunting and Pauline has floral garlands. Both buses are half cabs but only Kitty has the open back. Each bus, according to our drivers, has their own personality and requires different care and attention while driving her.

a table is filled with food

With the buses transformed the dream of having afternoon tea while roaming around Dublin became a reality. We can’t wait to see what’s next in store… We’re always looking to expand our fleet!

a dining room table

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