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Georgia In Dublin – EPIC Irish Emigration Museum

The Irish Emigration Museum, Dublin City_master

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This week we had the wonderful Georgia joining us for her TY Work experience. We sent her down to the docklands to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum!

ShipsThis museum is the home to many great stories of Irish importance. It showcases the struggles and successes of the Irish population both within our small island and abroad.

Upon arriving at the museum you receive your own individual Epic passport! As you make your way through each section of the tour, you can collect a new stamp for your passport from one of the designated stations. This creates a fun interactive experience and feels as if you are on a journey through the past of Irish history. The passport also acts as a guide to show you what you have done and where to go next. So you never get lost!




GameThe tour is self guided and can be completed at your own pace which I quite enjoyed. It gives you the freedom to spend time in areas you’re more interested in without feeling rushed. Each section has a different interactive exhibition which keeps you engaged throughout.

It allows a break from reading and helps provide a visual or audio representation of what you have already learnt. I personally enjoyed the ‘Did You Know’ wall, lined with musical icons who have Irish heritage. Videos were played at different parts where they reenacted scenes from the past and showed celebrations of Irish culture across the world.




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I found that the museum helped increase my own knowledge of the Irish people’s past! It highlighted the struggles that we have gone through as a nation and how the challenges we’ve faced have led to us travelling the world to help change society for the better. 

The museum does a great job of exploring the stories of different individuals. It showed me what a diverse nation we are, from setting up schools to creating Gaelic teams abroad. I really saw the impact that the Irish population has had on the rest of the world. 


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I would highly recommend a visit to EPIC whether you live here in Ireland or are visiting from further afield! It will give you a clear picture of who Irish people are and what they have overcome. I think many of the traits shown have carried on to the future generations!


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