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Last week we were delighted to be invited along to EPIC’s open evening for guests within the tourism industry. It was a fantastic way to spend an evening before the rush of peak tourist season begins in March with the big kick off being of course, St Patricks Day.

We were treated to an after hour walk through of the museum, with a glass of prosecco in hand, taking in the wonderful exhibitions and stories of Irish men and women from all around the globe.

EPIC is the world’s first digital only museum which traces thousands of years of lives and legacies of men and women who left Ireland, sometimes in escape for a better life and sometimes having no other option due to crimes committed.

In the words of their new marketing campaign “there’s more to us than potatoes”, it really is refreshing to see the accomplishments , whether big or small, from the people who left our little island. I especially enjoyed hearing first hand stories from the people who left and learning about how they created communities where they set up and how they never lost their definition if what it meant to be Irish, whether on Irish soil or not.

a person standing in front of a brick wall

There was a real sense of pride leaving the museum of everything this little island has achieved far throughout the globe. Stigmas and stereotypes are difficult to shift but I urge anyone who wants to learn about the true meaning of being Irish to visit this museum and see that yes, there is more to us than potatoes!

A huge thank you to the staff at EPIC for not only the invite but also the chats and laughs along the way. Thanks for having us and thank you too for the hugely enjoyable after event in Urban Brewing. Perfect way to mull over everything we learned while enjoying delicious refreshments!

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