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Daniel in Dublin – An Afternoon in Howth

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The other day I found myself in one of my favourite places in all of Dublin, Howth. Work brought me there; We had a management meeting so since I was out there anyway, and my wife was off work that day, we decided to turn it into an outing once work was finished.

The meeting finished up around 1.30 which was perfect because that’s lunch time and lunch time in Howth means one thing and one thing only: fish and chips. Now there are 2 places you could go for fish and chips in Howth, Beshoff’s and Leo Burdock’s. Now I lean more towards Beshoff’s but you really can’t go wrong with either. Before we went for our fish and chips however, we went for a walk around the harbour. My wife brought our little dog with her, so he was absolutely loving his first day out in Howth, it is a very dog friendly town so lots of dogs all over the place.

a small island in the middle of a body of water

After walking around for a bit and working up an appetite it was fish and chips time. The trick with eating your fish and chips in Howth is finding a spot to sit where you aren’t surrounded by hungry seagulls, easier said than done.

Also, a day out in Howth isn’t complete unless you get yourself some ice cream, so that’s what we did afterwards. For my money there’s not many better ways to spend some free time than simply walking around this beautiful little town, ice cream in hand will add to the experience of course.

a store inside of a building

I also love sitting out in one of the pubs along the harbour for a couple of drinks and just taking in the quaint scenery, all this of course is weather permitting, I can guarantee you a beautiful town with good food and lovely people, I can’t unfortunately guarantee you the weather. Our favourites would be O’Connells close to the pier, Bloody Stream by the Dart Station or if its a glass of wine your after I’ve heard Margadh is lovely!

So that’s how we spent around 2 hours in Howth, but there’s so much more to do there. My favourite thing to do in Howth is to walk Howth Cliff Walk. It is stunningly beautiful there, a great little hike with some of the best views Dublin has to offer so if you’re visiting Howth that is a must. And take my advice – a pint and bowl of chicken wings in The Summit Inn afterwards is an absolute must!

Granted we didn’t do it this time but it’s still an absolute must do for Howth first timers. There are few things in Howth I’m still meaning to do, for example you can rent electric bikes with Shane’s Howth Adventures and tour the place that way or you can rent kayaks and experience it from the bottom of the cliffs, so those are both definitely on the list.

Dublin has so much to offer and I would say our coastal towns are some of the must beautiful places one could visit while here. Not only Howth but Malahide, Portmarnock, Clontarf, Dun Laoghaire as well just to name a few, but I’m willing to guess if you asked a group of Dubliners their favourite of these towns Howth would be at the top of the list.