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Last weekend saw our maiden voyage to the rebel city. We wanted to test the water and see if a jaunt around the Cork streets while having afternoon tea would be something the Corkonians would be up for and it seems that it is but only on one condition… That it’s Barry’s tea we serve on board!! They’d nothing to worry about, of course it would be! I shudder to think about the number of teabags we went through!

a bus that is parked on the side of a building

Our five tours sold out in five days! We were so lucky to partner up with The River Lee hotel where the fun carried on after the trip around the city with the hotel offering a discounted glass of prosecco. We were also lucky to have Mags from The Pastry Fork on board (pun intended). Mags supplied, each morning, our afternoon tea. There was a trio of sandwiches, fruit scone and a selection of desserts which included the BEST chocolate brownie one of our passengers has ever had and a lemon mascarpone cream tart with fresh berries. And last but not least the brilliant Bart from Cork City Walks who kept us entertained throughout!

a plate of food on a table next to a car

We had such a mix of guests on board and each one brought a smile to our faces. We had three generations of a local Cork family, couples from Killarney and Tralee to Egypt and South Africa, solo travelers, mother daughter dates, friends who wanted to catch up and a social club from a local brewery who brought the party to the lower deck of Kitty!

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We had such a laugh chatting with all our guests and laughing along with them. Us Dubs now know all the words to “The Banks of my Own Lovely Lee” and our poor driver will never complain about the Dublin roads after winding and climbing his way in Kitty up to the Shandon bells and Cork City Gaol.

We had the best time and learnt a lot! We cannot wait to do it again! We’ll hopefully be putting on another weekend before the year is out! If you’d like to keep up to date with our Cork news email to be added to our mailing list on all things Cork.

Camilla Webster et al. standing in front of a bus

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