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Anna in Dublin – Wax Museum Murder Mystery Tour

a group of people posing for the camera

wax museum exterior

So we got our team of hosts together on a Sunday evening after a busy day on the buses to visit the Wax Museum and do their Murder Mystery Tour

a woman standing in front of a store

Now I had never been to the wax museum so I had no idea what to expect. I was in for a treat. We had a nosy around the gift shop to start while we waited for everyone to arrive. Myself and Leah were especially distracted by Zoltar the fortune teller. I decided to pay the €2 to get my fortune told and was proceeded to be told that I have been reckless with my spending and should be more careful with my money… no need to tell me twice!

a group of people standing in a room
Once we were all gathered together we walked upstairs and took a seat among some of Ireland’s greatest writers. James Joyce & Oscar Wilde watched on as we were offered prosecco and introduced to the storyline of our murder mystery adventure. The Wax model maker had been murdered by one of his creations and it was our duty to figure out which one.

Hosts dressed up

We were asked to pull numbers out of a hat and each number coordinated to a character. I got number one which meant I was the doctor. There were all sorts of characters; The Reporter, The Writer, The Detective, The Professor, etc. We were all given props to identify our characters which was really good craic. 

Hosts dressed up

We then had to vote and elect a lord mayor. I quickly won the election without even putting myself forward and was presented with a crown to mark my position. I hereby declare that I will no longer respond to anything other than Dr. Lord Mayor Anna.

Anna as lord mayor

We were then each given a card from a deck of cards. Two of the cards had saboteur written on them. The two people who received those cards would have to sabotage our investigation. We were then all blindfolded and the two saboteurs were shown who the murderer was so that they could steer the rest of us away from the correct answer. 

hosts blindfolded

We were taken through a tunnel of mirrors which I bravely lead the way through. Only walking into myself once. At the end of the tunnel we discovered the body of the Wax Maker.

Once I, The Doctor, determined there was no saving the victim, it was the job of The Detective (Rachel) to investigate the crime scene along with the expertise of The Professor (Orlaith).


We were then led to the Wax figure which was our first suspect. We were given information about character along with their potential motive for the murder. It was the job of The Writer (Leah) to write down all the details so that we could review them as a group at the end. 

a group of people standing

After stopping briefly to take a photo with the cast of Father Ted and spending several minutes trying to pull the team away from Jedward. We moved on to the next room. 

a group of people posing for the camera

Now we weren’t told who the suspects were, we had to find little rods that would identify them. It took us a long, long time to find the next two suspects but after some assistance and some not-so subtle hints, we identified them and heard the details.

We continued on through the museum until we had visited all of our suspects. At one point, we were told to put on our blindfolds and the two saboteurs were given the chance to kill off one of the team members. Poor Hannah got the chop which meant that at the end of the game she wasn’t allowed a vote.


A real highlight for me was the horror section of the museum. With some jump scares and pretty terrifying displays, we quickly learnt who the cowardly members of the team were. It’s never who you expect… Daniel!

Once we had made our way to the end of the museum, we were given a chance to discuss the clues. We then had a vote on who we thought the culprit was. Every suspect was voted for bar one. We whittled it down to two suspects. As the elected Lord Mayor it was my vote that would be the decider. I chose wrong and it turned out that the one suspect no one voted for was the killer!

daniel blindfolded

This was a great team building activity and lots of fun for us all but needless to say that the team will be sticking to making tea and not solving mysteries.

If you want to get in touch with your inner Shaggy and Scooby Doo – Book your ticket here.

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