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2018 was a record year for Irish tourism with tourist numbers surpassing the 10 million mark. It’s really no surprise though when we have the likes of Wild Atlantic Way and cities like Dublin and Cork. While we’re a small country with lots to see and do we can also be a tricky country to navigate with bóithríns (small, winding country rounds) and accents so thick that even some Irish people have trouble understanding. But don’t fear, follow these handy tricks and tips and you’ll not only have the best time here but you’ll impress everyone with your insider knowledge!

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Irish phrases  

Dia Dhuit – Deeah Gwit – Hello

Go Raibh Maith Agat – Guh Rev Maw Agut – Thank You

Slán – Slawn – Bye

Slainte – Slawncha – Cheers

Is breá liom tae – Iss bra lum tay – I love tea


That last phrase brings us nicely into our next part. Tea is integral to the Irish. Never ever refuse a cup and if you happen to be the one making it, always ask whoever you’re with if they too want a cup. We also recommend you know the different between Lyons and Barry’s. Choose a side and stick with it. We’re team Barry’s here at Vintage Tea Tours and will fight anyone who says anything different.

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St. Patrick’s Day

On this week in March we see a huge influx of tourists to the our island. A few tips… don’t call it St. Patty’s day. Get out of the pubs and get involved with the brilliant festival that takes place all around Dublin. Go in early for the parade to get a good spot and wrap up. Dublin can be very nippy in March.

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Summer Weather

If you’re coming in the summer pack for EVERY weather condition. There is no guarantee of sun. So pack your umbrella, shorts, jumpers, sandals and jackets as who knows what the weather will be like! We sure as hell don’t! That being said if you’re lucky to be here on a day when the sun is shining we promise you; there is no better place in the world or happier people than Dublin and Dubliners on a sunny day.

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Slang Words

Brolly – Umbrella

Craic – Fun

Howaya – How are you

The Jacks – Bathroom

Gaf – House

Cup of cha – Cup of tea

Deadly – Brilliant


Oh and one last thing… if you want to make your break in Ireland truly memorable then make sure you book onto one of our trips around Dublin. Nothing beats seeing the city sights from on top of our vintage bus while indulging in afternoon tea. It’s an experience like no other.


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