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Located in the heart of Dublin’s Creative Quarter Kaph offers what may be the best cup of coffee in Dublin. It’s a small, relaxed cafe with no airs or graces, just really good coffee! Our favourite spot to sit and relax is upstairs looking down on South William Street. Keep an eye for the simple yet striking artwork on their window.

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Drinking coffee and people watching are two activities that go hand in hand. While Dublin isn’t known for al fresco dining, the Metro Cafe is one place all Dubliners go to sit outside and watch the world go by. Established in 1996 this cafe is loved and adored by Dubliners and tourists alike. You may have to wait for an outdoor table but we guarantee you, it’s so so worth it.

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Butlers is to Dublin what pasta and pizza is to Italy. It can be found in most areas of Dublin and never lets you down. Their hot chocolate is legendary and each hot drink purchase comes with a homemade chocolate of your choice. What more could you want?

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With four locations in Dublin this cafe is taking over. Personal favourite is the one nestled on Trinity Street. The beautiful old red brick building and stunning windows remains untouched giving a more authentic, homey and cosy vibe to the cafe.

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The beginnings of 3fe coffee is a fairytale love story between one man and coffee. This love and passion can be seen in the respect and attentiveness the baristas behind the counter have for the perfect cup of coffee. It never disappoints and is so popular and respected that it is supplied to numerous cafes around Dublin such as Fallon & Byrne and Kaph.

a group of people walking in front of a brick building

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