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The Dublinia museum right next to Christ Church can be explained in three words; fun, interactive and entertaining. It’s a perfect pit stop for everyone but especially those with children. As a history nut who is also creepily obsessed with A Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings a Viking Esque, Medieval, interactive exhibition was right up my street.

As mentioned this is a perfect place for families and those with small children. Unlike other exhibitions in the city there is plenty to keep them occupied; from dressing up as a Viking to writing names in Norse and even a touch of potty humour this museum will keep them (and you) entertained from start to finish.

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It begins with the Viking age and brings you right through to the Battle of Clontarf, Medieval Dublin, the Black Death and all the way up to the infamous excavations at Wood Quay in the 1970s. Along the journey there are opportunities to enter a Viking house, walk through a cramped Medieval Dublin street, dress up as a Viking warrior and even play games at the fair.

At the end of the tour there’s a chance to climb the stairs to St. Michael’s tower and see beautiful views of Dublin as far Wellington Monument and the Poolbeg Chimneys. The exit brings you into the grounds of Christ Church cathedral through the famous arch walkway which connects the two. If you’re also planning on visiting Christ Church a cheaper ticket can be bought allowing you entry to both Christ Church and Dublinia.

I thoroughly recommend a visit, children or no children. It’s a great way of getting to grasps with Dublin’s history while also having a right old laugh.

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